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Frankin-dabs is Here!

Are you ready for a brand new cannabis experience?

Many of us appreciate the therapeutic and recreational value of the cannabis plant. We here at Frankin-dabs certainly do! And we, like many of you, also enjoy the wide variety of products that are made with the plant. Wax, tinctures, cartridges and topicals give us a huge assortment of methods to administer cannabis. Additionally, the many different strains and terpene combinations that create the well known Entourage Effect are well loved by many cannabis connoisseurs. 

But, cannabis is not the only resin-based medicinal and psychoactive plant used since antiquity. Trees from the burseracae family also produce resins that contain a wide variety of medicinal terpenes, as well as compounds unique to them that can assist with relaxation, inflammation, and many other uses that are shared with cannabis. Resins from trees in the Frankincense and Myrrh species have been found to contain many of these compounds.

There were good reasons these resins used to be worth their weight in gold!

So, What do Frankincense and Myrrh have to do with Cannabis?

The family of active compounds in cannabis are called cannabinoids. These compounds are large, terpenoid molecules. These molecules are in the same chemical class as the aromatic terpenes like Limonene, Linalool, Myrecene, and others. However, they are too large to be detected in the nasal cavity, hence not having an odor.

Like cannabinoids, Frankincense has a medicinal family of larger terpenoids called Boswellic Acids. Like cannabinoids like CBD, CBG and THC, these molecules have been shown to have an effect against pain and inflammation, among many other possible uses. * 

The best part is that these compounds synergize with one another, as well as other terpenes, as part of the well known Entourage Effect. This refers to how having different ratios of different terpenes in cannabis strains will modulate the THC into having different effects. This is why sativa strains tend to be more stimulating, while indica strains tend to be more sedating.

The nice thing about the Entourage Effect is that it is not limited to the terpenes found in cannabis. If you have ever heard of how eating a mango while consuming cannabis will get one more high, or that eating a few black peppercorns if one gets anxiety from too much THC, these are examples of this phenomenon.

What are Frankin-Dabs?

We use the entourage effect to combine the amazing properties of cannabis, frankincense, and myrrh. We first start with a clean, solvent-less extraction of the resin fractions of frankincense and myrrh. This extracts the heavier medicinal resin fraction from the tree resins. As this contains heavier terpenoids like a cannabis extract, the material that is produced has a similar consistency to shatter.

What makes this wonderful is the fact that this means that cannabinoids and medicinal compounds from Frankincense and Myrrh can be combined and used in the same products! This is what we do at Frankin-Dabs, where our mission is to combine the powers of these valuable plants for the benefit of everyone, especially you!

Stay tuned for more information and products!

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